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I owe you one little lobster

Updated: May 19, 2020

I’ve always been a fairly resilient, resourceful person and I've always looked for creative ways to grow and develop our business. Frankly my over enthusiasm and inability to see anything as a problem often drives Phil insane, but I love this hospitality game, it’s where I feel at home.

Lockdown has truly tested us. Like everyone else I went into shock, cried into my wine, over walked the dogs and tried to make some sense of it all. I'd such little idea how to protect and provide for our family and even less idea how to save our business. How could we save LeftField when hospitality itself looked like it could never recover?

We talked to family, friends and surveyed our customers. 75% said they would buy our food to have at home, with seafood firmly top of the list. 75% also said they would be back to eat in the bistro as soon as it was safe, very encouraging and so LeftField at Home was born!

We stuck to Phil’s motto of ‘keep it simple’ and decided to offer cold seafood platters, locally sourced to order and cooked fresh for weekend collections.

As everyone’s travel plans were cancelled for the foreseeable, we thought why not take everyone on a little culinary holiday with our platters and wines instead?

Each week we’d explore new places through Lobster, shellfish and wines. Week one we took in Italy. Lobster with tomatoes & olive oil, scallop carpaccio and prawn caponata were some of the dishes in 'The Amalfi' which was accompanied by an organic and natural Catarratto.

Week two was 'The Galician' and we all pretended to be sipping our Albarino in a Bilbao bar munching on Langosta al Ajillo, Pintxo de pulpo pinxtos and Ostras con cava. Week three we transported you to a twinkling Cote D’Azur with our garlicky lobster thermidor and moules marinières as we all sipped on a lovely Languedoc Rose.

This week we’re leaping across the Atlantic to the Northern Mexican peninsula of Baja California for lobster and shellfish full of smoky spices, herbs and citrus fruits, and we'll be drinking Poppy’s Illegal Mezcal Margarita’s.

New from this week is our list of film recommendations from Isobel at Edinburgh Cinema Club. So this week you have some film suggestions that represent Mexican culture and make perfect viewing while you eat and slurp your weekend supper treat.

And so we adapt and get creative as we try to find ways to support our family and stay afloat. We want to be hopeful and positive about our future and just as we did in the bistro we try to use LeftFields food and drink to bring fun, love and togetherness into our lives.

It’s been strange and at times upsetting to be in LeftField with our new regime. Asking customers to come in one at a time, working away with a mask hiding my smile yet hoping my eyes and words let everyone know they are welcomed and appreciated.

I have to say a huge thanks to everyone who's ordered, messaged, watered our plants, cheered us up with plants and flowers, shared our social media/newsletters and told your family and friends about us. And to all the lobsters who've graced our platters - I owe you one!

Your orders keep us and our suppliers going and we don't forget that. Please never underestimate the power of your kindness and support.

Thankyou, much love

Rachel xx

LeftField At Home Seafood Platters, Veggie Platters, Organic wines & a side order of hope :)

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