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Mezcal margaritas, it's research.

Drinking through lockdown may be a dangerous game, but what else is Poppy, LeftField family member, reluctant study abroad returner and lover of Mezcal supposed to do? Drinks list research of course.

Having to come home from my semester studying abroad due to a certain global pandemic was such a poignant decision for me. However, being in a house where your parents have had to bring home all the drinks from LeftField (in case it went off of course, not because we were mourning the state of the world) was always an upside and certainly got us through the first couple of weeks.

Seeing the people I love the most scared for their family, their team, and the future of hospitality left me feeling pretty defeated and helpless. But it’s always the little things that cheer you up; the abundance of hugs, booze and my Dad’s (Phil) ‘working from home’ has kept our family together and our taste buds happy, which has made this lockdown more bearable.

When I’m at University I work in a bar and during my study abroad I spent most of my time in bars getting to know people from all over the world. I love bars, I love the social aspect, I love going for one and bumping into friends and staying until the lights go up, the music goes off and we’ve racked up a tab. Pubs, restaurants and bars are such a huge part of Scottish culture, it’s where the magic happens and it’s what I miss most about normal life.

I have also been working from home, which for me, an unemployed art student, has involved a lot of drinking (as research for my return to employment obviously). I am partial to a pint or a cocktail or a gin and tonic with plenty lime but being part of the LeftField team since the beginning means I’ve joined a fair few wine tastings and developed my own taste. I love anything from a Pet Nat to Pinot Noir (except chardonnay, anyone who likes chardonnay is lying0. Being at home for lockdown has been a time to try new wines and help plan our drinks list for LeftField’s reopening.

Every week LeftField is theming the Seafood Platters as a way for us to travel through food and drink. This week’s platter is the ‘Baja Mariscos’ which takes Northern Mexican influences from the Baja Californian coast. My favourite cocktail is a Margarita and it’s so easy to make from home. We used to serve up Mezcal Marg’s on LeftField’s specials board and they always went down a treat, so here is my rough recipe! Don’t worry too much if you don’t have the exact ingredients… cocktails are all about experimenting so just get stuck in!

50ml Lime juice

25ml Mezcal or Tequila (I prefer mezcal to tequila as it gives it a smokier taste) it’s worth getting a good one if you’re putting it in margaritas - shot the cheap stuff and sip the good stuff.

25ml Cointreau

Sugar syrup if you want to sweeten it up a bit, I personally don’t as I love the sharpness of citrus.

Shake it up, pour over ice (or no ice), garnish with fresh lime or mint or oven-dried limes/oranges, whatever you want or have. I love putting frozen berries in which makes it super pretty and chills it too. Don’t forget to give yourself a salty rim job, if you’re into that.

ENJOY amigas xx

LeftField at Home - Seafood Platters, Veggie Platters & a side order of hope

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